Instructions on End of Day for ICRTouch TouchOffice

Instructions on End of Day for ICRTouch TouchOffice

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Posted by Gwyn Russell

In most cases the system is programmed to do the end of day automatically outside of trading hours. It is important that this is checked regularly so that consistent period range reporting can be done.

If a day end was missed on the Computer then that information will be added to the next time a day end is done. That being the case if there are many consecutive day ends not done on the computer there will be a very large amount on the report on the next day end that the computer does complete successfully. If a day end was not done every day on the PC then there will not be individual day’s information available on the PC as it is expecting to receive the information from the tills on a daily basis.

We would urge you to keep the PC running and the ICRTouch TouchOffice program running overnight (it can be minimised) as we do the day end automatically on a scheduler at around 3am.

It would be advantageous for someone to check to see if the day end did indeed run as expected every morning. The way to do this is to go click on:

  • Reports,
  • select the + sign to the left of Financial Reports
  • select Batch Reports from the drop down menu,
  • use the calendar on the right hand side under the Date Range From: and Date Range To:,
  • Set both dates to the previous days date,
  • Click on Preview,
  • this should produce a report for the previous day with what would have been on the Z-report from from the tills the previous day.

If there were no figures at all on the report then the End of Day on the PC did not run successfully. Provided trading has not yet started the End of Day can be run manually from the TouchOffice by Clicking:

  • Communications on the top left hand side of the screen,
  • Select Z Read ECR’s from the drop down menu.
  • That will produce a box on the screen where you can use the Calendar to select the previous days date,
  • Click on the Do Z Reading button.
  • Once it has completed this successfully with no errors, check for the Batch Report for the previous day as above.
Gwyn Russell
Gwyn Russell