If you are going to spend money on an EPoS solution it is vital that you get the best value for money. This does not mean a cheap solution. It means that you need to get the maximum benefit from your system. As every business is different your solution needs to be specifically tailored to your needs. You would really benefit from a presentation by our skilled demonstrators. They will not only show you how the system can benefit your business but also do a first pass analysis of your business to explain features that will best suit your organization and make sure they will be included in your installation.

While all businesses do need a bespoke solution to get the best “Bang for the Buck” we have provided a sector based site for you, so that the major features that impact you are highlighted. Of course there will be cross-overs into other sectors and some features that may not be traditionally used in your sector but could be vital to your particular business. Having an experienced programmer/installer is vital to get the best out of your system.

At United EPoS we use a highly effective combination of ICRTouch software and Sam4s EPoS terminals and other hardware. Together with some niche partners and their products we are able give you the very best performance and provide the most effective solution for your business.