As an independent dealer United EPoS is able to supply class leading hardware and software to make sure that their clients get the best product to suit their needs.

With this in mind they have been supplying and maintaining ICRTouch software and Sam4s hardware as their mainstay products complimented by a large range of peripheral products which are best in class.

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United EPoS is able provide their clientele with, not only the best hardware and software but crucially the best in support and guidance on EPoS solutions.

ICRTouch EPoS Software

ICRTouch is a mature, stable product suite and as such is very reliable and robust. AUK based EPoS software provider ICRTouch is located on the Isle of Wight and can boast the most feature rich EPoS system in the UK and arguably the world.

They have three decades of experience and have supplied more than 70,000 licenses.


Sam4s is renowned for supplying rugged, quality hardware at a reasonable price, has been around for more than thirty years and is well supported in the UK. United EPoS includes an on-site guarantee which is in addition to the Sam4s three year manufacturers guarantee.

In the unlikely case of guarantee call, we will come to your site and either repair your system on-site or provide you with a temporary replacement until your original unit is repaired and return it to you at no additional charge.