Members Clubs

Members Clubs

A state of the art solution for your club!

What makes it so good?

United EPoS has a vast amount of experience in installing systems in various types of members clubs. These include social clubs, working men’s clubs, Royal British Legions, Conservative clubs, constitutional clubs, sports clubs, football clubs, cricket clubs, rugby clubs, bowls clubs, tennis clubs and many more.

Take advantage of all this experience so you can get the most out of your EPoS system with our unique way of programming the EPoS solution. We can offer lots of valuable advice and suggestions during our on-site installation process to maximise your advantages from your system.

Some interesting features:

Membership features:

  • Comprehensive easy to use complete membership management
  • MAG stripe or other cards can be used to identify members and be used for cashless system
  • One card does it all. Use Mifare and other RFID cards for membership and door entry without having to re-enter all the members information
  • Photos of members displayed when card is used if required
  • Members information is kept in the system not on the card, so it’s not dangerous for a member to lose their card
  • Control membership subs by expiring membership but automatically renewing when a member pays
  • Staggered membership subs if you would prefer
  • Caters for different membership types that behave differently or have different discounts, accounts etc.
  • Members can pay into their cashless account directly from their bank account through the Internet
  • Debit or credit account for members or even nearby business to promote entertaining at your club
  • If you have underage members we can stop them buying restricted items via their membership cards
  • Offer members prices and/or points as well as promotions and discounts
  • Offer specific pricing at specific dates for members
  • Automatically control spends for functions so no confusion when an amount is lodged behind the bar for a function before starting a cash bar. You can even allow the host of the event to increase their amount on the fly
  • Serve members and functions from the same till seamlessly
  • Use membership loyalty system to reward loyal members and encourage lapsed members to visit the club again
  • Remote displays and large screensavers to promote upcoming events and offers to members or even generate revenue from local businesses who advertise on them
  • Offer promotions such as multibuy or even complex offers with no additional input from the operator, the till will do it automatically

Manage the business:

  • Easy to use, completely programed, super-efficient TouchScreens make the system speedy
  • Connect your card machine, pdq machine, eft terminal directly to the till speed up transactions, avoid errors by entering wrong amounts on card terminal and increase average spend.
  • Images on buttons to identify products reduces confusion with new staff
  • Comprehensive stock control of bar stock and other stock
  • Record supplier information and purchase history.
  • Security and control of bar staff
  • Control all the cash collected and paid out, not just sales but receipts and paid outs too
  • Get rid of the glasses with various receipts in them behind the bar and record them all through the till
  • Manage the Gaming machine payouts through the Till
  • Make the office bearers lives easier, the Treasurer and Secretary as well as the bar steward will really benefit from the information and efficiency of the system
  • Provide inexperienced bar staff with prep instructions for complicated cocktails etc.
  • Critical information about items (such as allergens or pouring instructions) available at the touch of a button and even printed out if necessary
  • Really reliable software
  • System won’t fail if your Internet connection goes down
  • Cloud based back office system (TouchOffice Web) means office bearers or management don’t have to be at the club to draw reports or program items etc.
  • The option of a local PC based back office called TouchOffice if you prefer
  • Schedule changes to happen automatically at a specified date and time so volunteer office bearers or admin staff don’t have to come in at inconvenient times
  • Remote journals, even over the internet. With TouchOfficeWeb you can see transactions and take reports real time even if you are not at the club
  • TouchOffice and TouchOffice Web give you range reporting to check on reports for any period no matter how long or short at the touch of a button. Find transactions that need checking easily and quickly to maintain security and transparency to your members
  • CCTV journal overlay

Products that we recommend for Members Clubs:


Award winning, contemporary flagship touch screen software from ICRTouch. This is the heart of your EPoS system and with over 80,000 licenses sold it is a respected and mature product that is updated annually to take advantages of new technology and stay relevant and cutting edge. You can either rent or buy this software outright.


management of your system overall is a doddle and available for any authorised parties (for example your accountant). Allowing multiple users at no additional cost but enabling you to restrict access by user to protect sensitive information. The information and administration of the system is available to authorized users anywhere in the world on any connected device with a browser.

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An optional back office system for those who would like to own the software outright and have it locally installed on a PC.


This is a great addition to the loyalty system included with TouchPoint. It will allow you to automatically send targeted emails to customers. It is also an exceptional tool for an estate of pubs. To be run on a PC with some server capability.


A really useful tool for those clubs wishing to offer their members the facility to top-up their cashless cards on-line directly from their bank account. It will require a monthly subscription.

Sam4s Titan range

The fantastic Titan range of touch screen tills will offer you a variety of options from the great value Sam4s Titan S160 right through the medium range Sam4s Titan S260 to the state-of-the-art Sam4s Titan 160. These will all offer outstanding value and features for your EPoS system.

Sam4s Printers

Add a Sam4s Giant 100 printer, cash base and either a 2 line customer display or 9” LCD customer screen depending on the location of your till and you are ready to go.

Loyalty card readers

Identify your customers via a MSR reader or an RFID reader to use MiFare or other type of RFID cards, with our wide range of card reader options.

Custom printed and encoded cards

United EPoS can supply a range of pre-printed cards to your requirements from simple mag cards to MiFare and other RFID cards.

Clerk fob or MSR readers

If you need an additional Mag card reader or Dallas fob reader for clerk identification these are available as options.

Sam4s cash bases

Add a Sam4s Giant 100 printer, cash base and either a 2 line customer display or 9” LCD customer screen depending on the location of your till and you are ready to go.