Getting Stock Takers report from TouchOffice

Instructions for getting Stock Takers report from TouchOffice

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Posted by Gwyn Russell
  • Start TouchOffice in the normal way.
  • Click on Reports
  • From the Report Selector window that pops up click on the small + sign on the right hand side of PLU
  • Click on PLU Sales
  • On the right hand side of the window select the relevant dates in the Date Range window. I suggest you use the calendar on the right of the displayed date and select the correct date from the last stock take to the present date.
  • Click the Preview button on the right
  • This can either be printed via the Printer icon or exported to a spreadsheet (Excel) via the small envelope with the red arrow

This will give all the items sold from that time. Should you need to see different price levels then select PLU Price Level Sales instead of PLU Sales.

Gwyn Russell
Gwyn Russell